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Item # Sign-101
This is a very popular selling item.  It is a wooden plaque with "WELCOME" on it.  There is a very attractive ocean based theme on the background of it.  It hangs by a black chain.  Measures 14" wide, 3/8" thick, and 16" in length. 
$13.49 plus s/h


Item # Sign-102
This wall plaque measures 24" in width and 10" in height.  The shipswheel, captain and rope border are all raised out from the sign.  It is made of wood and is a very popular item in our giftshop during the summer months.   
$20.00 plus s/h


Item # Sign-103
This wall plaque measures 24" wide by 10" in height.  The dolphins on this sign are raised out from the sign itself.  Any of you beach-goers out there would appreciate this sign!!!!
$20.00 plus s/h